• To savor the best you must simplify the rest.

    I’m beginning this blog during one of the most complicated times in my life. My husband, our 10 month old daughter and I moved to my in-laws place! The stigma around in-laws makes it sound worse than it is. I’m actually thrilled to be staying with them. They are kind, generous and fun people. None-the-less moving an infant into temporary housing while building a home on raw land is anything but simple. This adventure has prompted me to start sharing my journey to a simple life with you all. I’ve spent a large portion of my life finding ways to simplify just about everything. It started with a deep distaste for anything unnecessary or redundant at a young age. This new chapter will be a culmination of my lessons learned as we start fresh in a new house in our home town, Medical Lake Washington.

    final days at our old home

    new home site

    What to expect here…

  • Decisions you make while building a house can effect how much you clean.

    Decisions you make while building a house can effect how much you clean.

    Since the moment we decided to build a house I’ve been researching and choosing, researching and changing my mind then researching and changing it again. I’ve read blog after blog, I’ve combed through reviews and of course I’ve scoured Pinterest. One of the questions I ask myself with each decision is this: how often will I need to clean this? As I mentioned in last weeks blog the choice in toilets was a big win I believe. A skirted toilet is going to save me loads of time on the bathroom floor wiping off a disgusting exposed toilet base. Go take a look at last weeks post to see what I mean.

    Progress Photo July 12th 2022

    There are several other areas to consider if having a low maintenance home to clean is important to you. Here are some of the things we did when it comes to finishes.

  • Make cleaning easier by preventing messes to begin with. Pt. 2

    Last week I started a blog post about ways to avoid deep cleaning so often. I got as far as the tips I have for the kitchen before I realized this a multiple blog topic! Next up…

    The Bathroom

    I think most of us will agree the worst room to clean is the bathroom. As we’re making decisions for our new home that’s currently under construction I realize there are many choices that will effect how much I have to clean. The first one brought to my attention was our choice in toilets.


    Have you ever heard of a skirted toilet? When I saw one I knew I had to have it. Never clean the exposed base of a toilet again! All the dust, grime and God knows what else that collects there is completely unnecessary. Who knew!? Take a look below. The skirted toilet on the right made by American Standard are what’s being installed in our house. It’s pretty weird how thrilled I am to get them! Ahhh adulting. Gotta love it.

    Toss a bowl cleaner in your tank. If you stay up on it you shouldn’t have to scrub your toilet bowl nearly as often. I’ll be trying one called 2000 Flushes. You can follow me on Instagram here for product reviews and more simple life hacks! Plus a glimpse into my life as my family and I build our dream home.


    My best advice for keeping bathroom floors clean is to pick your rugs wisely. When it comes to bathroom rugs I’m looking for two things: machine washable and non-slip. I love the convenience of tossing them in the wash every week or so. They must also be non-slip in order for a robot vacuum to have any chance at driving over them. Other than rugs I like to keep my bathroom floors completely empty. Scales, toilet paper holders, plungers…all they do is collect the yuck. Hide them away under the sink or elsewhere if you can. When it eventually comes time for a deep clean you’ll be glad the floors are easy and clear to wipe down.

    Showers and Tubs

    Spray everyday. Start with a sparkling clean shower and then be diligent to use a daily spray each time you shower. That’s a tip from my mama and her showers are always spotless. As I mentioned in my previous Pt. 1 blogpost about keeping your kitchen clean I’ll be utilizing the power of vinegar to clean our new home. We’ll keep a spray bottle full of water, cleaning vinegar and my favorite essential oils in each shower. The less shower scrubbing I have to do the better! You can also purchase daily shower cleaners at most stores. The brand Method makes a decently clean one. Here is the link to everything in my shopping cart to keep our new bathrooms sparkling clean.


    One more tip for your showers. If you have a shower curtain get a washable, mold resistant fabric liner. That way you can easily unhook it every couple of weeks and toss it in the laundry with your floor mats. So easy! I recommend replacing these items once every year or two depending on use and how they hold up.

    Final Thought: Smells!

    Nothing is worse as a house guest than walking into a smelly bathroom except maybe having no way to cover up your own smells as you walk out. In my opinion the best way to combat bad smells is with fire. I’ll be keeping a cute match holder in our bathrooms to easily light candles or burn a match after a poo.

    And with that I’ll conclude my bathroom cleaning tips! Hopefully this helps you savor the best parts of your life by simplifying the rest of it.

    Xoxo Linds

    July Mantra : I am not afraid of a little hard work.

    As much as I hate deep cleaning bathrooms it must be done. No matter how hard I try to avoid it with all my little hacks, eventually it will need a good scrub. On those days I wake up and say this mantra. I put my audio book on in my air pods and I bust it out. Starting is the hard part but once it’s done I always feel good and take a nice long hot shower in my clean bathroom.

  • Make cleaning easier by preventing messes to begin with.

    Make cleaning easier by preventing messes to begin with.

    I really dislike cleaning. Deep cleaning especially. So over the years I’ve found various ways to prolong the amount of time between deep cleans. It’s surprisingly effective and one of my favorite ways to simplify my life. When our home is completed at the end of this summer I’ll be using all these methods to keep it looking brand new as long as possible.

    The Kitchen

    3D render of our future kitchen

    In our house the kitchen is where we make the most mess. Day in and day out I’m getting it dirty and picking it back up again. Over the years I’ve identified these danger zones: the sink, microwave, oven and floors. If you commit to keeping these places clean everyday you won’t need to waste a perfectly good Saturday every few weeks to scrub them down. I’ll tell you how!

  • Living Small

    Small spaces that is!

    This summer while our home is being built the three of us are staying in a one room studio cabin. I spent quite a bit of time pondering what to take and what to store. It’s been eye opening to discover what we can live without! If you know me well you know how much I love getting rid of unneeded items… I can go a little nuts on the donation bins and dump runs! Sometimes I get myself in trouble throwing things away on a whim. My husband Jack has learned that if he can’t find something there is a good chance I got rid of it.

    All that to say here are some surprising items that made the cut for cabin living.

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